Episode 11

Published on:

2nd Sep 2021

Fintech Founders AMA with Wade Arnold CEO of Moov

Join Host Tedd Huff and Wade Arnold CEO of Moov for an Ask Me Anything discussion with Fintech Confidential Club Members.


Host Tedd Huff: Developer-first is a great catch phrase that a lot of companies use but how would you explain what that means AKA what is needed for companies to deliver that to the market

Host Tedd Huff: How do we define easy integration?

Host Tedd Huff: Does Moov support Serverless architecture?

Host Tedd Huff: why did you build Moov using something that started as a Google in-house custom language?

Guest Lee Easton: What is going to be your biggest challenge looking forward whether it's this year the next few years to come as you continue to grow and operate Moov?

Guest Simon Jones: where do you see the pain points and the points of action in the market generally?

Guest Liz Pike: if a company or a PE firm is wanting to combine several business units or companies and expand their payments what are some things you suggest that they do first

Guest Michelle: What trends that you're seeing as to how embedded tech such as what Moov has to offer, who the main audience is, and what are you seeing Moov being used in embedded tech MVPs?

Guest Shay: do you see US FinTech companies pulling executives and other human resources from the banking sector?

Host Tedd Huff: Do you have any plans to expand beyond the US market?

Host Tedd Huff: I have an idea and I wanted to build a FinTech around that idea whether it be moving money from person to person or from business to business where should I start first And what should I do first

Guest Michelle: what's been your biggest most grueling part of building Moov?

Guest Steven: with the shift in the move to cryptocurrency payment networks that are decentralized and displacing those particular areas how do you see Moov's play into that space

Guest Lee Easton: Wade the business owner in your career have you ever had any data breach experience or any failures around data compliance? And if so what were your big takeaways from that and how did you grow from it?

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