Episode 30

Published on:

30th Dec 2022

The Hidden Lending Growth Factor with Boss Insights CEO, Keren Moynihan - Episode 30

Keren Moynihan is the CEO of Boss Insights, a business data-as-a-service platform. She shares how focusing on helping businesses grow requires Financial institutions to consider the customer experience and not just regulatory needs closely.

Three things in this episode that we dive into.

1️⃣ Why it's harder for businesses to get a complete picture of all financial products and services

2️⃣ What happens when financial institutions lack the human factor in business decisions

3️⃣ How data and insights are what Businesses need to grow and succeed

Also, watch the entire episode on youtube.


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Keren Moynihan: Keren is a former commercial banker and CEO of Boss Insights. With 15+ years of experience in financial services as a banker, advisor, and mentor, she's built Boss Insights to provide leading global access to business customers' financial data enabling financial institutions, neobanks, and fintechs to empower their business customers' growth. Keren is a regular speaker at fintech events, including Money 20/20, FDX, CB Insights, and Open Banking World.

Boss Insights: Boss Insights is the global leader in business data connectivity, revolutionizing inter-business communication through its Business Data As A Service platform. With a single API, Boss Insights provides real-time access to the broadest coverage of accounting, banking, and commerce data from more sources than any other platform, enabling banks and lenders to accelerate lending from months to minutes.

By providing a 360-degree view of business customers' financial health, Boss Insights allows lenders to spend their resources developing relationships rather than chasing paper. The company's platform increases automation by 60%, automates scoring by 100%, and allows for faster decisions and credit renewals by 51% and 5x, respectively.

Focused on equipping lenders to measure businesses on their merit in addition to their collateral, Boss Insights' mission is to empower financial institutions with real-time data and insights on business customers, enabling them to accelerate business processes, delight customers, and drive revenue and growth.

The team at Boss Insights is diverse, talented, and innovative, working together to produce the best product with the most impact. To foster discussion and collaboration, Boss Insights encourages diverse ideas and innovation.

Boss Insights has been covered by American Banker, Forbes, Bank Innovation, and The Financial Brand for saying that "Banks Must Adopt APIs or Fintechs Will Win." Boss Insights has won multiple awards, including Money 20/20 Rise Up, CB Insights' Top 35 Future in Fintech, Corporate LiveWire's Lending Technologist Of The Year, Open Banking Excellence's SME Award, Women In Payments' Unicorn Challenge, Corporate Vision's Most Innovative Leader In Lending Technology & Canadian Lenders Association's Executive Leader In Lending.

Tedd Huff: President & Founder of Diamond D3, a professional services consulting firm focused on global payments and marketing. He is also a video podcast host and producer of Fintech Confidential and Head of Corporate Strategy at Corvia. 

Over the past 24 years, he has contributed to FinTech startups as an Advisory Board Member, Co-Founder, and Chief Experience Officer, providing strategic and tactical direction for Global Payments OpenEdge, Heartland Payments, Nuvei, and TSYS, among others, focusing on growth while delivering innovation, process improvements and user experience-driven value to simplify the complexity of payments.

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